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Nov 17, 2013 8:00am PST
is playing the blame game when it comes to president obama's health care reform. if you asked the president, he thinks some of it falls on the news media. >> part of this job is things that go right, you guys aren't going to write about. the things that go wrong get prominent attention. that's how it's always been. that's not unique to me as president. and i'm up to the challenge. >> and speaking of blame, when it comes to climate change, most believe humans are responsible. more than 190 nations met in poland to discuss how to address the problem but who gets the blame when a topic this big gets so little attention? and finally, media attention of another sort. >> the great ones always return. when they do, one thing is for sure. their hair will be perfect. >> we haven't seen you in a while, america. you haven't changed a bit. >> ron burgundy is back in the anchor chair here in washington in a museum. as he knows so well, it's all about ratings. i'm frank sesno and this is "reliable sources." >>> good sunday to you. sometimes the best arbiter of prime time news is late-night tv and last ni
Nov 24, 2013 8:00am PST
. president obama strongly welcomed the deal. >> substantial limitations, which will help prevent iran from building a nuclear weapon. simply put, they cut off iran's most likely paths to a bomb. >> tehran is celebrating but there are warnings from congressional critics and israel's prime minister who says the deal makes the world in his words much more dangerous. the secretary of state john kerry tells cnn the deal should make israel safer. >> we believe very strongly that because the iranian nuclear program is actually set backwards and is actually locked into place in critical places, that that is better for israel than if you were just continuing to go down the road and they rush toward a nuclear weapon. >> we have full coverage including reaction from around the world. cnn's reza sayah standing by in iranian's capital of iran. let's go to jim sciutto. let's look ahead briefly. what's next as far as this deal is concerned? >> reporter: well, this is an interim deal. just lasts six months. in effect they hit pause on iran's nuclear program on some of it and some on the sanction regime an
Nov 3, 2013 8:00am PST
now saying he's going to hold up all of the obama nominees until he gets additional answers on benghazi. there are people that still haven't been interviewed that he wants. you know, for better or worse, this is one of those stories where all liberals believe it's overblown and all conservatives believe it's the heart of a dark conspiracy and there's not a lot of people that look objectively at the case. it's one of those weird stories in our political culture that becomes completely polarized. that's that believe that benghazi is a big coverup won't change their mind and folks that think hillary clinton did nothing wrong won't change their mind. i doubt this will be a huge political issue for her going forward. >> a moment where politics makes the journalism of this polarized as well. thank you both so much for coming in to talk about this today. >> thank you. >>> after the break, to be impartial or adversarial? how is journalism best practiced? bill keller and glenn greenwald take sides. so there i was again, explaining my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis to ano
Nov 10, 2013 8:00am PST
. state of the union with candy crowley begins right now. >>> iran nuclear talks falter, obama care struggles and white house nominees blocked. the president's dismal fall. >>> today, no go in geneva. >> the window for diplomacy is not stay open indefinitely. >> despite an all in diplomatic -- republican senator lindsay graham joins us with his take on the talks with tehran and the latest twist in the tangle that is benghazi. then. >> welcome to new jersey. virginia, thank you. >> reading the results of 2013 through the prism of 2014 through the party chairs. democrat
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4